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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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flight crew didn't hesitate including former san mateo police officer larry wright. >> there's pint where he was running towards the cockpit and he screamed out, allah aqaba. i knew that there was a problem and i knew i needed to take action. >> reporter: wright chased after him. by then other passengers including a former secret service agent had him on the floor. >> i decided to go ahead and try and use a control hold on him. i was able to accomplish that. i found when i touched him, my hand actually slipped off because his skin was very clammy, moist almost. i felt that he was trying to take on the flight crew and possibly crash the airplane. >> reporter: in court the prosecutor said almurisi carried no luggage, cell phone or keys. he only had an expired california id, two checks totaling $13,000, $47 in in cash and an electronic device
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and the prosecutor pointed out alma reesecy shouted out the same thing terrorists said on 9/11, at the fort hood shooting in 2004 and the christmas day shoe bomb incident. allah aqaba. or god is great. wright has been a retired cop for four years. but he says never lost his police instinct during the chaos. >> i started thinking about the possible scenarios that could be playing out. it could be an unexploded ied on gentleman. >> reporter: he said he used plastic cuffs on the wrists and ankles and then used his own belt to tie them together. >> then i basically sat on him until we landed and waited until the san francisco police department arrived to take custody of him. he never directly spoke to me directly. the only thing he said approximately 30 times was allah aqaba. >> reporter: larry wright insists he is no hero and that, liz, he did only what anyone
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should have done. >> thank you. the united states had two military backup teams during the raid on osama bin laden's compound. the "new york times" says the president wanted a crew sizable enough to be able to fight their way out of pakistan. u.s. forces were urged to avoid confrontation with pakistani soldiers but had the okay to return fire if necessary. lawyers interrogators translators were on one of those additional teams. the other group was set to bury bin laden. they are the ones who placed his remains at sea. it looks like the united states will get a chance to question osama bin laden's three wives. pakistan has agreed to give the united states access to them. the wives have been in pakistani custody since the raid. u.s. intelligence agents hope
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they will be able to provide fresh details of osama bin laden. the 25 years marriage of arnold schwarzenegger and his wife is over and shriver moved out. as kendis gibson reports, there were telltale signs recently that all was not well. reporter: maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger looked cozy as they celebrated the graduation of a nephew saturday at loyola marymount university in los angeles but while schwarzenegger was wearing a wedding ring, shriver was not. now the couple has announced they are separating after 25 years of marriage. in a joint statement, they say, "this has been a time great personal and professional transition for each of us. we ask for compassion and respect from the media and the public." it was an unlikely union from the beginning. he was a movie star and a staunch republican. she was a rising star on the network news and a kennedy. when schwarzenegger decided he wanted to run for governor of
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california, his wife first opposed the move. but she eventually supported his decision and was by his side during his two terms in office. the couple bought a multi- million dollar house in this exclusive brentwood, california, community nine years ago. they both lived here with their kids until shriver moved out a few weeks ago. it's been four months since schwarzenegger left office. shriver alluded to some growing pains as she transitions from first lady of california to private life in a video she posted on youtube in march. >> it's so stressful not to know what you're doing next. i'd like to hear from other people in transition. >> reporter: the couple says they will continue to parent their four children as they work on the future their relationship. kendis gibson, cbs news, brentwood, california. now to the disaster in the midwest. floodwaters from the mississippi river are now moving south and forecasters say the worst is yet to come. in fact, those low-lying communities are bracing for
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their hardest hit. some homes nearly completely under water in tunica, mississippi, just south of memphis. 700 people have been evacuated and apparently the damage is so bad, it's unlikely anybody is going to be able to move back. >> absolutely's disaster. worst i have ever seen. >> never, ever seen the water this high. probably never will again. >> floodwaters have already washed away crops, they have flooded casinos in memphis, which is expected to cost the state of tennessee more than $12 million a month. forecasters say the real damage will come when the crest rolls through the delta in the next few days. coming up, a thief targeting downtown walnut creek. we'll tell you what she was after and why her victims made it so easy. and parting with your precious metals. just ahead, how you now getting a a good offer when you sell -- how you know you're getting a good offer when you sell your silver. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an accident. c-h-p says a man driving a pickup truck was struck and killed this morning a deadly car crash on highway 101 is called an accident. chp says a man driving a pickup truck was struck and killed this morning in brisbane after he pulled over to check a mechanical problem. the victim was standing in front of his truck when a car slammed into the back of the truck throwing him 75 feet.
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the driver of the car, 19-year- old theodore lange, from san ramon was reported missing and possibly suicidal. walnut creek police say they have busted up a one-woman crime operation. they say that she targeted cars in the downtown district. and her specialty? cashing in on what women too often leave behind. christin ayers has details for us now. what did you find out? >> reporter: well, the walnut creek police say it was a case of a serial purse snatcher. they arrested a woman in this parking lot. they say her m.o. was to break into cars near clubs knowing that women sometimes hide their handbags under the seat. >> left my purse in the car not very smart. >> reporter: ashley knew she shouldn't have done it but she was going to a birthday party inside an ultra lounge in march and left her purse behind. >> i came out and my back window was broken into and my purse was stolen. >> reporter: it's happened repeatedly in this area, at least a dozen times in the past
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month alone. so often that cops were posted. >> they found several suspicious individuals. >> reporter: the woman, sheila nicole whitson. they found a treasure-trove of stolen items in her car. >> close to 50 just piled up in the back seat among other personal property like clothes, jackets. >> reporter: so much loot, investigators have had to store it in a detention cell here in the police department. >> it's unique to have that much stolen property from that many different auto burglaries over a month in one vehicle. >> reporter: whitson had apparently ransacked the purse, in some cases credit cards used to buy gas. the trouble is trying to track down who the items belong to. >> these are my prescription glasses i got. >> reporter: gillwright got luck. she found two pairs of glasses that disappeared with her purse. >> i'm really glad i got some stuff back and i'm glad the person was caught so she is not going to be doing that anymore. >> reporter: and the moral of the story is not to leave your
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belongings in the car. police have been able to link 18 people with stolen items from the car. but as you saw in the video, there is a lot more left, a lot more belongings that haven't been identified. >> i'm thinking, 50 purses all that stuff in the car. that wasn't just from one night. apparently she had been driving around with this stuff for a long time. >> reporter: yeah. the woman who we talked to had her belongings stolen in early march. so this has been going on for several weeks now. >> sort it all out. all right, christin ayers, thanks. not just gold. some are trading in their silver for cold, hard cash. what you need to know before you sell your stash. cutting out the fat and the competition. which weight loss plans beat out all the others. from the cbs 5 weather center in san francisco, say it is not so. snow back in the bay area forecast? we'll pinpoint the day the flakes will fly as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5.
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the price of silver is going up and down. two weeks ago it was at $48 an ounce, today it closed at 37.50. more than double last year. julie watts on the consumerwatch with what you should know before you try to cash in your stash. reporter: whether it's candlesticks or a silver chain, a lot of people are suddenly wondering if that silver sitting around the house is worth something. >> a lot more people are coming in. >> reporter: a dealer says just because something looks silver doesn't mean it is. >> something like this is never silver. >> reporter: a good place to start is to look for a hallmark or stamp on the item. >> almost every, single piece of julie that's made of silver will say the word sterling or it will have the symbols 925 on it ring the purity of the silver. >> reporter: and silver coins
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minted in the u.s. prior to 1964 are always in demand. so what can we get for our silver stash? well, it turns out this 1883 silver dollar is the most valuable piece bringing in $3 2. and this handful of jewelry contains about 1 ounce of silver, his offer, $28. but he says these tarnished silver serving piece aren't worth anything. >> they are jus silver layered. >> reporter: we took the same pieces to west coast gold buyers part of a walnut creek chain but they said it's against company policy to give us a public quote for the story so how do you know if your getting a a good offer? start with the standard formula. weigh your pieces and then multiply how much pure silver you have, say, one ounce, by that day's spot price. today it's a little over $37. a reasonable offer 50 to to 75%
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of that a amount. we brought those pieces in yesterday when silver prices were lower. also don't allow a dealer to do an acid to determine if your piece actually is silver until you're sure you're ready to sell because it will do damage to the piece. elizabeth. >> thank you, julie. well we better enjoy the weather because the weekend changes everything. >> it appears to be like a summertime weather pattern here in the bay area with the return. low clouds and fog at the coast and san jose, wall-to-wall sunshine. as we take a sneak peek out towards downtown san jose, where the winds are out of the west at 17 miles per hour. unlimited visibility. air temperature currently in the upper 60s, down from the average hype of 74 degrees. statistically, 67 degrees. humidity 54%. notice the fluctuating winds now. beginning to step aside as we approach sundown at 8:08 p.m. out and about currently still have 73 degrees in concord.
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50s bayside, 50s at the coast. if you are heading out to giants baseball action playing host to the arizona diamondbacks, breezy and cool conditions with increasing overcast skies. 56 degrees at first pitch. tonight, overnight, with mostly cloudy skies, overnight hours, temperature-wise from 44 in santa rosa to 50 in oakland. winds will begin to rotate to the southwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. because of that wind fluctuation, i'm going to bring down the temperatures gently for wednesday. clear skies across most of the state with an area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area. you have that pressing up against the ridge of high pressure causing a robust onshore flow out of the west tonight. currently at 10 to 20, stronger gusts up to 25. that's enhancing that marine layer. and those clouds will continue to trick. under the golden gate bridge and work their way under the bay trickling in under the golden gate bridge. a few clouds will make it 40
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miles inland towards the tri- valley. tomorrow highs partly cloudy inland clouds at the coast 50s to the low 70s. again that breeze up to 15 miles per hour. then the extended forecast we'll call it partly cloudy again on thursday. and also by friday afternoon a chance of rain developing by saturday night, lowering the snow level on sunday down to 3500 feet with rain possible all the way through the beginning of next week. so maybe we'll see a little bit more rainbow action around the bay area. we'll share that rainbow with you from our last storm coming up tomorrow or later on tonight at 6:00. >> fabulous. rainbow would be a nice little end of the day. >> the snow level down to 3500 feet in may! >> crazy. how much does your smart phone in you about? it's what some members congress want to find out. after reports that users' locations were being stored on the phones, lawmakers called some of the top technology companies to capitol hill to talk about privacy. alexis christoforous has the
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latest. >> reporter: technology executives say they are not spying. >> apple's deeply committed to protecting the privacy all of our customers. >> reporter: they told congress that by gathering information about a user's location, they are providing valuable services that consumers want. >> many of you already are experiencing the benefits of these services, things as simple as seeing realtime traffic, trains maps to aid your commute, finding the closest gas stations. >> reporter: lawmakers called executives from google and apple to capitol hill to explore whether smart phones and tablets are invading our privacy. that includes mobile apps which may share users' information with other companies. >> what they don't realize is that their location data as well as the device id may then be flowing to service providers to advertisers. >> reporter: even if consumers aren't worried about privacy protection, congress is. >> right now, what we face in my view is literally a wild west. >> reporter: the privacy debate
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became big news when researchers found that smart phones store information about where we have been. consumers we spoke with say they are not crazy about it, but it's a sign of the times. >> big brother is everybody knows what you're doing at all times. >> reporter: lawmakers say something has to change. they are still gathering research but both parties agree, the current privacy laws need an upgrade. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. a big deal in the tech world. microsoft is buying skype for $8.5 billion. that's right, billion dollars. the most expensive transaction in microsoft's history. skype, an internet phone company, has 663 million users. the deal gives microsoft potentially valuable communications tool as it tries to make a bigger splash on the internet and in the smart phone market. next, slimming down for summer. a look at which diet plans are worth investing in and how
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social networking can help. plus, our first chat with the man who is about to take over the cbs evening news. hey marcel, watch this!
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results raised some eyebrows. the jenny craig diet plan -- which features pre- pa consumer reports has rated a variety of diets plans and the results raised some eye browings. the jenny craig diet plan which features prepackaged food came out on top of the consumer reports survey as the most effective over a two-year period. what gave it the edge was a
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study funded by the jenny craig company published in the journal of the american medical association. the magazine says there aren't many independently funded studies of diet plans. the other most effective plans included slim-fast, weight watchers and the zone. so you got your jenny craig, you got your weight watchers, atkins, but there's a brand-new contender called the facebook diets and people say it works. dr. kim joins us with more. >> reporter: well, when it comes to weight loss, sometimes it takes a village. in this case, a virtual village. we're hearing about some inspirational weight loss stories where friends as well as strangers help you lose weight. it might look funny but joanna shrew does her hair and squats at the same time always being on the move helped her lose 80 pounds. >> when i got on the scale, it was about 208 pounds when i said oh, no, i need to do something about this. >> reporter: now she shares
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other diet tips on facebook. she says facebook can help many people lose weight. >> especially if they don't have the motivation if they don't have somebody to talk to. >> reporter: joanna is on a facebook page started by peggy bradford who lost 75 pounds in a year. >> people were constantly coming unto me and saying, oh, my god, how did you do this? >> she named her facebook page steps to good health. she takes between 20 and 30,000 steps a day and carefully counts calories. >> 10 pretzels are 110 calories. i want to help other people and share my story because i know there's a lot of people out there that feel alone or, you know, feel challenged and don't know what do about it. >> reporter: there is no specific diet or plan. peggy now has over 100 members who share successes and failures. like giving into a piece of apple pie and always words of encouragement. >> it's everyday people so you can relate to that. that's why i wanted to do this because i wanted it to be where people can relate to everyday people and feel comfortable and know it's possible. >> reporter: now, diet experts
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say having a support system is a critical part of successful weight loss. and it's especially good to have fellow dieters who know how difficult and frustrating it can be. anytime you're giving something up, you know, misery loves company. >> exactly. >> free support, too. you don't have to pay for it. >> absolutely. >> something to do. >> all right. >> accountability. >> yes. absolutely right. >> thank you. well, just weeks away from taking over as anchor for the cbs evening news, scott pelley is starting to talk about his new job. i had the chance to ask him how the evening news might be changing under his leadership. >> my role as the managing editor and as the anchorman here is really to take our best experts, our cbs news correspondents and producers, and push them forward and let them do what they do so well. so i'm going to try to take a little bit of a background role here if you will and make sure that the david martins and the bob schieffers and the lara logans of the world tell the folks at home what they need to
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know. >> scott pelley officially takes over the anchor chair on june 6th. katie couric's last day hasn't been announced. we'll be right back. eyewitness news at 6. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for eyewitness news at 6. i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. more bad news for bay area homeowners, more homes of under water and the math to decide when it give up. >> it's not jus big, it was historic. we'll look at the double-decker addition to bay area flight options. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. well, they say a secret honeymoon but we know about it so how secret is it? for the most famous newlyweds
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in the world. prince william and catherine returned to normal life or as normal as life can be after their marriage. now the prince is off for two weeks from work. so where did this get? mum's the word at buckingham palace but unofficially, the cab lloyds say there are reports the couple is in -- the tab lice say there are reports -- the tabloids say there are reports that they are in the seychelles in a $6,500 a night villa in the indian ocean. that's u.s. dollars. >> i hear it's only one villa. >> it's a private island. >> they have the whole thing to themselves. that's privacy. >> bright. and i heard the weather is just gorgeous this time of the year. except a little breezy and we have some robust winds tonight, as well. we would like to take you to our seven-day forecast just one more time because we have substantial changes in the offering. and these are uncharacteristic for this time of the year so while we will remain partly cloudy wednesday through friday, rain arrives saturday night through sunday a dropping snow


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